UX writing tips and frameworks

Everything you need to know about UX writing - tone, voice, measurement and more

What's it all about?

This workshop offers a 101 for UX writing - foundations, voice and tone, tips and frameworks and lots of fun exercises thrown in to embed the learnings.

The session will cover:

  • How to start, the foundations of good UX writing
  • The difference between voice and tone
  • How to write simply and clearly
  • Frameworks and tips for UX writing elements
  • Different ways to capture data
  • Testing and measuring your work.

Your Instructor

Rachel McConnell
Rachel McConnell

Rachel is a seasoned content professional who’s spent her career creating great experiences for household brands. She’s worked on brands such as Deliveroo, M&S, John Lewis, BT and MORE TH>N. From content design and UX writing, to strategy and content Ops, she advises, trains and mentors, and is the author of Why You Need a Content Team and How to Build One.

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