About this webinar and our presenters

About this webinar 

In our jobs, we (rightfully) focus on meeting the needs of our constituents. But things fall apart when we are faced with logistical nightmares, bureaucracy, micromanagement, and miscommunication. So what do you do when you don't have an official project manager?This session will focus on the basics: scheduling meetings, taking meeting notes, handling document versions, creating documentation, and writing effective emails. Anyone can do these things—but not everyone is doing them right.

Key takeaways

  • Tips and tools to get people to do what you need them to do
  • The most effective way to write an email
  • How to make your life a little easier and get stuff done

About Day

Day Kibilds is the manager of undergraduate recruitment at Western University. Prior to this role in Canada, she was a digital strategist at Cornell and a business analyst at Penn State. 

Her favourite work happens when she can combine the analytical and the creative, and her strength is creating strategy based both on data and intuition. Day thrives when she gets to collaborate in projects that are cross-functional and spearhead change within the organization. When not strategizing, she loves to ride her bike and marvel at how adorable her toddler is.

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