About this webinar and our presenter

About this webinar

2020 has been ... a lot. Over the past months as content creators and strategists, we've worked and hurt and felt and adapted and innovated and endured more than in any six-month stretch of our professional careers previously. What have we learned? Where do we stand now? When can we get back to “normal” content? Perhaps it’s time to look at normal content differently. Our audience’s are paying more attention than ever to big, heavy, important topics and their application to our institutions. Staying silent or ignoring them is a message in and of itself. Moving on in the wrong ways are seen as tone deaf. This session will focus on when to engage on these topics, almost just as important: when not to engage and some strategies and best practices in doing so.

Key takeaways

  • Tips and tools for addressing tough topics via a robust Instagram story use case
  • Going beyond just sharing a statement
  • How to assess if you’re adding value and not noise

About Jon

Jon is the director of digital communications at BYU where he combines a media relations and social media background to build community and spread the digital reach of the university with influencer relations and through student/employee advocacy. His most unique professional accomplishment was landing a pitch to Beyoncé’s publicist and getting a post out to her 63 million followers, but his most meaningful work has been in using Instagram stories to address hard-hitting and impactful topics on campus such as sexual assault, consent, mental health, racism, hate speech, respect and more.

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