About this webinar and our presenter

About this webinar:

Content matters now more than ever.

This webinar will explore how the current situation has created a unique time for content creators and managers. Audiences have never been so ‘captive’, people are seeking community online in a way that’s never happened before. This means content is more important than ever.

Business as usual, plus more.

Content to inform and delight is our business as usual. But this situation has created some new ‘bubbles’ of content. Our audiences want reassurance, that the world isn’t ending, that everything with be “okay”. How do we serve that need? I don’t know that everything will be okay, do you?

Distraction. Digital, right now, is the only escape many have at the moment. How do we reassure and distract, whilst also reaching our goals?

Everyone is listening, how do I make them hear ME?

We know the importance of making sure our audience sees a piece of content at just the right time, when they need it most. But how do we reach someone with a piece of content that they didn’t know they needed?

Key takeaways:

  • You’ll learn why amidst a global pandemic content still matters.
  • Cat will share examples of how audiences are being reassured and distracted, and why that’s important for your institution.
  • Cat will show you how I’m amplifying our content, and how this is helping to develop our existing audience, and expand.

About Cat:

Cat is a digital marketer currently working at Lancaster University. Cat has worked at departmental, central and faculty level in an eclectic range of jobs. This varied history in the higher education sector gives her a unique perspective into institutional context. Currently, Cat works with the campaigns team at Lancaster on creating and amplifying fresh and distinctive content. She is an advocate for student voice, accessibility, diversity, visibility and representation in content and wants the higher education sector to be a better ally for the young people we support.

Talk to Cat about memes, TikTok and the underbelly of the internet.

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